Northumberland is a large county made up of a huge variety of communities with one thing in common, a warm spirit of welcome and concern for others.
As a border county with a long history of upheaval we also know a lot about the importance of ‘sanctuary’ – about the importance of offering a place of safety and comfort to all who need it.
As Northumbrians we are profoundly moved by the situation of all those caught up in a shocking humanitarian plight. We want to help, in any way we can and Northumberland County of Sanctuary, linking with all those other places in the City of Sanctuary movement is a great way to co-ordinate a huge range of initiatives to assist as many people as possible.

Our Inaugural meeting held on Saturday October 1st 2016 at the Maritime Centre in Newbiggin by the Sea was a great success with a packed room, a very lively debate and 36 people agreeing to form ‘Northumberland County of Sanctuary’ .

Some of the pledges of support from individuals and organisations can be seen on other parts of this site.

We have now established a small steering group which will be meeting in mid October and then the show really will be on the road.

Please get in touch and join in the important work of this exciting new venture

Everyone is very welcome.

Hilton Dawson


[email protected]